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Here at Firecraft, we love to share our knowledge and experience by providing our customers with advise they can trust. This is why we have included helpful tips below regarding our fireplaces. Please do not hesitate to call our team via 0116 269 7030 or send us a message from our online contact form if you have any questions to ask our team.

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    Your first consideration should be your choice of stone. The two types of stone that we use are both Spanish, and suitable for use with any type of fire, including solid fuel – Crema Argel and Sandstone.

    Crèma Argel is a fairly soft, traditional looking stone which is great for the more informal fireplace because of its colour, shading and texture, and lends itself to rounded shapes – for example the Boston, Balmoral and Warwick. However these designs also look good in Sandstone which is cleaner, sharper and finer grain. Good examples of Sandstone designs are Stamford, Chiswick and Ledge.

    Both stones have been chosen because of their consistency, lack of imperfections and resistance to staining. They don’t need sealing. Both types of stone are easy to clean, and look even better as they mature.

    We have the right material for your fireplace! There are many cheaper alternatives and over the years I have personally been all over Europe and the UK visiting quarries.I have looked and tested countless samples and have had numerous visits from representatives of companies based as far away as China who were importing stone or whole fireplaces. I have looked at them all and they have all been rejected. Of course I would like to buy cheaper stone, but not at the cost of quality.I want my fireplaces to look great when they are fitted and even better for generations to come. Some of the fireplaces in our showroom are nearly twenty five years old, but you would struggle to tell which ones! With age and a bit of care, they just get better and better. Each of our fireplaces comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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    Choosing a fireplace can be baffling. There are lots to choose from. After all, it’s something you are going to spend a lot of time with. It’s an important decision. Your fireplace is the most prominent feature in Your Own Room© and it will be there long after your new carpet, new TV or new sofa. It’s a decision worth taking time over, not one to be made on a whim! Initially look for the style that suits your tastes and room setting.

    The advice I always give to my customers initially is to look through our range, and discard the ones that don’t suit your room. Hopefully this will reduce your choice to perhaps a few. It is then a case of deciding which one creates the desired look. When you have decided on a style, you can then consider the size. It is a vital part of getting it right; a couple of inches taller, smaller or wider can make a terrific difference to the appearance of Your Own Room©.

    The fireplace doesn’t want to be too big that it dominates the room or so small that it is lost. At least 60% of our fireplaces are made to measure, so don’t worry if you feel you need a non-standard size. Another piece of advice is to use masking tape on the wall or make a template out of card at home.You can fix it against your wall and live with it for a day or two. This will enable you to get a feel for the size of the fireplace and whether you need to alter it to suit Your Own Room©.

    Try not to let the old fireplace influence your decision on the new one. It is a natural tendency. If you can, it is best to remove the old fireplace(remember any gas appliances should always be disconnected by a professional) so you have a blank canvas to work from. Don’t worry about the size of the opening in your chimney breast, we can make stone insets that match your fireplace and give you exactly the right opening for your fire or stove.

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    Our fireplaces all have standard sizes as shown on the website. These are designed to fit the average chimney breast, but we know all homes are different. If you need to change the size, we will scale the fireplace up or down to look perfectly in proportion. A made to measure fireplace is far more time consuming to make, so please be aware that the price may change,but the finished result will always be worth the effort.

    We are as passionate as you are about getting it right and we try our best to keep ‘made to measure’ prices as low as possible. As I said earlier, it’s an investment that will last many years and will add value to your home. So it’s worth spending a little more now so you don’t regret making the wrong choice later. Feel free to contact us if you need help with your choice of fireplace.

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    Another thing to think about now is your fire. Maybe now is the time to upgrade to a newer more efficient fire. You would be amazed how many homes I have been to where fires / fireplaces have been fitted, some very recently that are not the right style, poor quality or just badly fitted. Some fitted by so called “experts”. Remember a Fireplace is just like any other large purchase get it right the first time it will give you pleasure for a lifetime. I have been told countless times “Your fireplace sold my house !” and it is usually people who have come back for a second or third fireplace from us.

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    For information and help regarding the most advisable cleaning steps for your Fireplace, please call our helpful and friendly team via 0116 269 7030 or send us a message via our online contact form.

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