How much heat do I need?

How much heat do I need?

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A question we often get asked when a customer is choosing a wood or multi-fuel stove to go with their new stone fireplace is “how much heat do I need?”. In other words, what KW output stove will be sufficient to warm the room.  There are a few things to consider before making a decision –

  • The size of the room.
  • How well insulated the room is?  You’ll need to think about the number of doors and windows, are these double glazed? How old is the house?
  • Is the stove going to be your only heat source or will you still be using central heating?
  • Is there a stairwell or doorway in the room that you would like heat to travel through?
  • Do you have an electric or gas fire in the room currently, what KW output is it and is that sufficient?


1 KW of heat output will approximately heat:

  • 25m³ (882 cubic feet) well insulated room
  • 15m³ (530 cubic feet) average insulated room
  • 10m³ (353 cubic feet) poorly insulated room


It’s not always a straight forward decision to make but your Firecraft stockist should be able to advise you further and even come out to your home to do a survey.