What wood to burn?

What wood to burn?


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Whatever wood you choose it will always burn better when well seasoned. Here are some thoughts on a few different types;

Alder – Hardwood member of the birch family. Tends to burn quickly with little heat.

Apple – Burns slowly and steadily when thoroughly dried and has a pleasant aroma.

Ash – Probably one of the best burning woods, will even burn whilst still green,  though not as well as after it has dried.  Produces a good heat and nice flames.

Beech – Good, produces decent heat and flame, though is apt to spit embers a long way.

 Birch – The heat is very good but does tend to burn quickly. A pleasant smell.

Cedar – Good only when dry, produces a nice amount of snap and crackle and has a beautiful smell.

Cherry – A slow burner, and another wood with the added benefit of a lovely aroma.

Chestnut – Not good, small flame, little heating power and lots of spitting.

Douglas Fir – Not great, doesn’t produce much heat or flame.

Elder – If seasoned well it can burn ok but tends to be smoky.

Elm – Due to a huge water content this wood needs to be really well seasoned for it to burn reasonably well and even then is liable to be quite smoky.

Hazel – A very good firewood once seasoned, burns quickly.

Holly – Very decent – can be burnt green.

Hornbeam – A hot and slow burning firewood, very good.

Larch – Needs to be well seasoned but is pretty good for heat. Can spit.

Laurel – Produces a very fine flame.

Lime – Poor quality, dull flame and little heat.

Maple – Very good quality.

Oak – If not seasoned long enough (at least 2 years) can give off a nasty smoke otherwise a great firewood.  Plenty of heat and a slow burner.

Pear – Good heat and lovely smell.

Pine – Prone to spitting and can be oily.  Good flame and nice scent.

Plane – Not a bad firewood though can spark if very dry.

Plum – Produces a good amount of heat and is very aromatic.

Poplar – Awful – don’t bother with it.

Spruce – A quick burner with lots of sparks.

Sycamore – Burns with a moderate heat and a good flame but must be well dried.

Thorn – A nice slow burner with a good heat and very little smoke.  One of the best.

Walnut – A nice aromatic wood and a reasonable burner.

Willow – Needs to be well seasoned, but even then produces little flame and is likely to spark.

Yew – Very strong heat and burns slowly. Very good.